Morocco: A Safer Place for Stray and Feral Cats

Stray and feral can be seen in vacant, abandoned buildings, and cars and face a hard life away from having owners. They scavenge trash cans for food that can make them suffer from infections, diseases and have a cycle of pregnancy that can proliferate the populations of these cats. The population ca rises even though they only have two to three years of life span. 

Like any other countries and places, you can witness abandoned, and homeless cats are roaming around. You can hear noises of cats’ fights outside and odorous smell of urines since they do this as marking of their territory. Through neutering programs, the feral colonies can be aided. 

The Key to Helping Cats

There is a program called Trap-neuter-return (TNR) that helps stray and feral cats. These endeavors catch the abandoned cats to lessen the number of populations then right after, neuter or spay them. With the help of veterinarians, they are surgically sterilized and properly vaccinated.  Volunteers can help them by providing shelter and food, return to their familiar environment where they comfortably live and volunteers that can help monitor their health once they are sick. 

Neutered cats can have a healthier life by gaining weight and suffering from fewer health problems. Some of the common health problems once not neutered are uterine, breast and testicular cancer. With spaying, it can help reduce the proliferation of feral and stray cats since it lessens the risk of pregnancy and cat fights. The TNR program in Morocco can also benefit its people with rodent control and reduced marking that can cause the odorous smell. Though this program may not address the huge problem, it still helps in lessening issues and problems. This, at least, helps provide a safer environment for both people and cats. 

Building A Safer Place in Morocco

Through creating programs, volunteering and donating, you can help in building a safer place in Morocco. These ways can help in eradicating the bad lives of stray and feral cats and turn these lives into better ones- away from diseases and bad places. Though not every feral cat has been given enough attention to be under that program, it is now essential to take the first step to erase the inhumane condition of these cats and won’t give any negative impacts to human beings and its environment.

Neglecting the issues regarding these animals can also cause negative effects and can cause inconveniences to other people. It is very crucial to take a glance at the situations of other living things since we also must be responsible with them, create solutions and understand the situation they are experiencing. You can write letters asking for help in business ventures, veterinarians and other sectors of the community. Helping with each other can build a better and safer place for abandoned and homeless animals. Being open and understanding the lives of these animals can lead to excellent outcomes not only to Morocco but to the whole world. 

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