Poor Kitten Cries For Help And Gets Rescued

It was a fine morning when Alyssa Weber and Josh Stott were having family time at Josh’s parents’ barn. Enjoying a beautiful family gathering, they did not know that something big was about to happen that very day that will save the life of a poor soul. And the reality is that it was nothing short of a courageous rescue mission as it involved trespassing to save a life.

She Heard The Heartbreaking Sound…..

Alyssa was enjoying the morning in the barn when she heard a sudden, high-pitched sound that ran across the farm which she first thought was from a bird. However, as she had the experience of volunteering at Big Cat Rescue, she soon grasped that it was a cry for help from a little kitten.

Disturbed by the sound, she rushed to locate the source and ended up about 200 ft. in the neighbor’s property. Alyssa found that the sound was coming from a shed. However, she could not enter it as it would be trespassing a private land. Moreover, Scott’s family did not know the owner of the property.

Emma, Josh’s sister, informed Alyssa that she also heard the same sound the previous night, which meant that the poor soul had been crying for approximately 15 hours. It further made the situation serious.

They Had To Do Something…..

The couple took help from Mr. Scott and asked the neighbor for permission to look into the shed, but the owner said to do it himself and then reported that he did not find anything. But Alyssa did not believe it and wanted to help the poor kitten at any cost. 

She was so disturbed at the cries that she decided to trespass but Mr. Scott went ahead, and what he found was shocking for them. He found a tiny neonate crying for attention under the custody of the man who owned the shed.

Birdie was finally rescued, yes she is named Birdie due to her distinctive voice and has a shelter, food, and caring rescuers who love her the way she is meant to. All better now, she will soon receive foster care and a home to stay forever with caring parents.

Birdie has been saved, but there are many poor kittens and cats that are crying for attention and help. We have to think about them.

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