The Secret Lives of Stray and Feral Cats in Morocco

Have you ever wondered how stray and feral cats survive without the assistance of owners? You may ignore their life, but if you want to know more, you can read this article until its last shot as this divulge the secret lives of these animals in Morocco.

In Morocco, you can see a lot of abandoned and homeless cats roaming around- often in urban places, restored prairie and grasslands. As the season changes into winter, the feral colony likes urban spots and other places where they can feel cozy with the warmth of their chosen shelter. They are very different from domesticated cats who stick to their owner’s home and are lesser active. Feral cats are more active for they can spend most of their time with much higher activity- finding ways to survive. Most of the stray and feral cats are nocturnal. They mostly sleep during the daytime and roam around during the night. This behavior is considered to stay away from humans since these cats interact less with human beings. 

The Bad Lives of Abandoned Cats

You may think about how feral and stray cats in Morocco live. Well, to give you a hint, most of them suffer a terrible life. They eat leftover in trashcans, survive in the changes of weather, and always try to find the best shelter they can have. Their lives are always at risk for they can easily catch diseases like feline leukemia, rabies, and parasites that can lead to their death. They have shorter lives and has a more difficult life than your domesticated cats. But that doesn’t mean that they deserve to die since they are living as strays. It is our duty as a human being to take care of other living things not only in Morocco but across the globe. 

If you have the concept in your mind that stray and feral cats don’t deserve a nice life, you probably have a ridiculous thought. These animals also deserve the comfort of life, just like us. We are all responsible for the betterment of each other’s lives. Doing the smallest thing and offering the smallest gestures can turn into great things. Do not think that there’s nothing more you can do. You can donate and be a volunteer. With simple and generous gestures, you’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of the feral and stray cats. By donating a small amount of money in Morocco’s Humane Society and other animal welfare groups, you can help them be neutered that can give them a healthier life.

Turning Bad into Good

It isn’t late to make a difference in the lives of these abandoned and homeless cats. You can help the be back in their usual life and activities safer for being spayed or neutered. They’ll be away with other diseases - having a tougher and healthier life. If you can view yourself as someone who is part of good changes in the lives of the feral colony, take advantage of the moment and do things that can help them turn their bad lives into good ones.
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