4 Ways to Make Your Cat Love You More

Every cat owner wants to be loved by his cat, it’s not hard to achieve that, but it need some effort, here is 4 tips to help you making Your Cat Love You More.

1 - Feed your cat well and give him his favorite food!

Cats truly will be happy when they see fresh food is always available. Also Cats just like people, every cat has a favorite food, so try to discover which kind of foods that your cat love and offer it for him regularly that will make him satisfied.

2 - Your Cat Wants A Massage!

Cats really loves to be rubbed on their back, necks, heads, almost in any part of their body. this an amazing way to give your cat an physical affection without making them annoyed.

3 - Bring some toys for your cat and play with him!

Play is important to helping keep your cat healthy and happy, especially if your cat living indoor, get some toys for your cat, and will be better if you get toys that make crinkle sounds, because cats love this kind of toys, also, don't forget to play with your cat regularly, that's will make him comfort and happy with you.

4 - Give your cat enough personal space!

Although your cat wants to be with you most of time, but sometimes your cat wants some personal space, so giving it to him will help him your cat feel secure and happy!

Please if you have an other way to make a cat love you, share it with me.. Thanks!

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