Today I'm so sad please read to know the story..

Sometimes, I come too late! That's really makes me feel very sad and I feel guilty of that, Today I found a poor kitten who was with one eye, because the other eye was stricken by a very bad infection. this poor kitten looks like he didn't eat or drink for a long time! I took him home to give necessary help, in the home I cleaned up his eyes, He was looking at me with his one eye! I put food in front of him He moved his mouth to eat but He couldn't because he is very weak! I a tried to warm him up but in the end he died! What's made me angry is those people were sitting near the kitten when he was in the street and they didn't do anything to help him, they was sitting on chairs and smoking cigarrettes! R.I.P my little baby! I'm sorry because I couldn't help you!

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